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Canadian National Autism Foundation In The News

Council - January 25, 2023
9:30 a.m.
January 18, 2023 Page 5
Council Chambers, City Hall, 2nd Floor
71 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario ..................................... 'HISTORICAL BACKGROUND
At its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday November 16, 2022, the Stoney Creek
BIA Board of Management presented its nominations to the sitting Board of
Management and to the membership, motioned and approved all appointments as outlined in their meeting minutes.

Stoney Creek Business Improvement Area (BIA) Revised ...eScribe Meetings-Jan 18, 2023 — RECOMMENDATION CITY OF HAMILTON. PLANNING AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT -
That the following individuals be appointed to the Stoney Creek Business Improvement Area (BIA) Board of Management for the 2023-2026 term... (a) Tina Fougere, Canadian National Autism Foundation

General strike against Ford government held in downtown Hamilton- May 2019- Lantree was one of a number of speakers who addressed the crowd, including Christine ‘Tina’ Fougere, the founder and president of the Canadian National Autism Foundation and the mother of two children, including a son with autism.

Hamilton woman leads 25-city general strike against Ford government cuts May 2019 - Initial plans called for walkouts in Hamilton and Toronto but have since expanded to 25 Ontario cities

Acceptance walk at Confederation Park benefits Canadian National Autism Foundation- September 26, 2016(Hamilton Spectator)- There was a presentation to the Canadian National Autism Foundation of a $10,000 cheque from Sebastien Dorelas of La Capitale Financial Group Inc.

Acceptance walk at Confederation Park benefits Canadian National AutismFoundation--September 26, 2016(Hamilton News/Stoney Creek News)- There was a presentation to the Canadian National Autism Foundation of a $10,000 cheque from Sebastien Dorelas of La Capitale Financial Group Inc.

Research Article-Hindawi Publishing Corporation-An Analysis of Canadian Institute for Health Research Funding for Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder-Most problematic is our reliance on a single source of research funding, specifically CIHR. However, in Canada the only major funders of ASD research outside of CIHR are a collection of autism-specific foundations, such as Autism Speaks Canada, the Spectrum Intervention Group,LAmitient, the Canadian National Autism Foundation, and some international foundations with interest in Canada, such as the Geneva Centre for Autism. In 2012, these groups provided a combined total of just over $500,000 in research funding [6], which is significantly smaller than that provided by CIHR.

Sickkids Annual Report on Donors~ Look under Sponsors $25,000-$49,999

Interview with Nadine Mercey~March 6, 2015- I’m a director of the World Alternative Health Council and Canadian National Autism Foundation and a mental health advocate.
Currently spending my time writing, filming and producing film stories and teaching this in a multi- media platform to help people transition into healthy long lasting relationships. I am the host of a TV show for Discovery Communications in the USA.

Fourteen locals earn Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Medal November 21, 2012-Tina Fougere -Tina Fougere and Wayne Marston, MP Mr. Marston presented Tina with the award at the awards ceremony.

December 2009-Parents of autistic children on guard against 'running'-Tina Fougere, the founder of the Canadian National Autism Foundation, said her 17-year-old autistic son doesn't take off as often as he did when he was younger, but is still considered a flight risk.There were a few times when he was in elementary school in Hamilton, Ont., where he escaped from the school grounds and ran onto the road. After years of training him, he now knows to stop when he's asked and even responds to others' voices, she said. In her ideal world, runners would be outfitted with a beeper, much like an ankle bracelet used to track people under house arrest. But she notes that such devices could do more harm than good."You're trying to help that child fit into society the best way we can, and yet you're drawing attention to them," she said.

October 2007 ~ Walter Gretzky and Harry Howell will attend the CNAF Autism Comedy Night with 6th Annual Dinner and Dance


2006 Walter Gretzky is set for a Canadian National Autism Foundation

2005~ Stoney Creek News- Principle Mr Lindsay and Tina Fougere made the arrangements for this assembly.Walter Gretzky, Hamilton Bulldogs and MP Tony Valerie to support and recognize special friends at assembly at Winona Public School

Event April 30, 2006


2004 Stoney Creek Basketball Association Donation


2003 Dinner & Dance Award Recipients


2003 ED Smith Employee Donation


2003 CNAF President Honoured with Queen's Jubilee Medal


CNAF President honoured for her dedication

May 2000~ Mom teams up with Tiger-Cat to tackle autism at Winona Public School






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