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CNAF Financially Supports


The Canadian National Autism Foundation is dedicated to providing funding for Canadian based Autism research, as well as to organizations that better the lives of individuals with autism.


Are you running a research study, or do you support individuals with autism?

Download a grant application, and we will review your request.

Requests must be received by December 31, to be considered for disbursements made in February/ March each year.

Grant Application



Disbursements to Date..


~$5,000.00: Proset Autism -(Quebec) Our adaptive recreational program is designed for children and teenagers with Special Needs, diagnosed or expected to be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger, PDD-NOS, Down Syndrom, Global Developmental Delay, AD(H)D.
The purpose of this program is to enable these children and teenagers to have the opportunity to learn, improve and have fun with peers.

5 global skills

  • Joint attention. We are working on eye-contact with their peers and coaches
  • Concentration skills. Staying focused with the goal at hand i.e. hitting a forehand
  • Motor development. Gross and Fine motor skills i.e. holding a ball on the racket
  • Participation. Joining in a variety of games, that underscore team work
  • Motivation. Identifying the strengths of the children skills and combining the reinforcement that each child needs to maintain their level of performance

~ $2,000.00 : NAC Foundation- National Arts Center- (Ottawa)-music program in Ottawa is aiming to gently introduce kids with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome to live tunes.The Lotus Centre for Special Music Education teamed up with the National Arts Centre (NAC) to develop music workshops for six-to-12-year-olds with special needs and their parents. The approach that Liz and Erin take is tailor-made to autistic children or those with Asperger’s, some of whom may be fascinated by textures, whether tactile or sonic, and are keen to express their ideas, but find any kind of group “experience” almost impossible to tolerate.

A certain way of engaging with music -story

(VIDEO)- A Musical experience for autistic children


~$500.00: International Naturally Autistic PeopleAwards -British Columbia. Sponsorship of someone with ASD for the Naturally Autistic Peoples Award

~$2,000.00: Red Roof Retreat- Niagara -on-the-Lake (Ontario)-The Adult Day Program for those with autism at Red Roof Retreat offers physical and personal care, social and emotional support, recreational and leisure activities, both at The Ranch and within the community, for young adults with special needs. Our staff members are trained in all aspects of care required for those with needs from mild to complex. Our programs can be  intended for those requiring one-to-one support or those requiring one to 3 or one 6 ratio. Fees vary depending on level of care required.




~ $35,000: Hawkins Institute (Toronto, Ontario)e-learning dating on the ASD Spectrum To produce unique web-based e-learning programs for people on the autism spectrum. The new series which will be launched in 2015, will cover the topic of dating on the spectrum. As with the last series, this will employ people on the spectrum to work both in front and behind the camera.

~ $2,000:H.A.L.T.R- Halifax Area Leisure & Theraputic Riding .(Halifax, Nova Scotia) Funded kids from 7-14 to go to camp.This will help from 7-14 people on the asd spectrum for riding therapyThis organization offers riding to disabled members of our community. This group is run by volunteers as well, and is always in need of bodies to assist in the running of the program. It takes three volunteers to each rider in order that the rider is able to ride safely.

~ $2,000:Kids Matter Inc.-Summer Camp Programs .BC ( Abbotsford, British Columbia) Funded kids to go to camp from 4-8 yrs old This will help 4-8 on the asd spectrum ..Kidsmatter specialize in, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Integrated Listening Systems (iLs),Fast ForWord Program, Social Skills Groups, Supporting families and advocating for children..Spring & Summer CampsThis is a 1/2 day program for children with Autism or other Developmental Disabilities. By registering for one-week chunks, families have the flexibility to benefit from the Socials Skills programs and get away for family time. The summer camps provide the best of both worlds!

~$350.00: International Naturally Autistic PeopleAwards -British Columbia. Sponsorship of someone with ASD for the Naturally Autistic Peoples Award that is a Community Mentor


~ $50,000.00 Hawkins Institute a unique web-based e-learning socialskills program for people on the spectrum 16 yrs. old and up that will not only serve as a learning tool, but will draw upon many talents of people with autism by employing them throughout the production.

~$3,000.00 Autism Connections Fredericton For 20 parents of youth/teens/young adults with Aspergers`s, PDD-NOS, and autism infinancial hardship to attend a 2 day Transitioning workshop in Fredericton, N.B. Pamela Crooke of Michelle Garcia Winner`s Social Thinking group brought in from the USA to deliver the workshop

~ $3,000.00 Autism Resource Centre Inc - Grand Opening of a new Adult Centre which educates the public and professional, raising awareness, advancing the understanding that adults with ASD require appropriate programs, services and supports to realize their full potential and informing the public, families and professionals and adults with ASD and families of the programs and services offered at the centre


~$650.00 2012 International Naturally Autistic People Awards Convention and a Festival-ANCA Consulting Inc.

~$1,000.00 Sackville Bedford Early Intervention Program

~$2,100.00 New Boundaries -


2011 ~ $2,500.00  New Boundaries(Windsor Nova Scotia) To create a Snoezelen Room at New Boundaries


    ~$2,500.00  Sackville Bedford Early Intervention Program (Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia) To expand and enhance their resource library as well as their sensory toy and equipment lending library


    ~$500.00    Dave Andreychuk Foundation Canada-

     The Dave Andreychuk Foundation has three GOALS:

    1.Assist children in need
    2.Support causes for children and families enduring
chronic and/or life threatening illness

    3.Encourage the investment of youth and amateur sports



          2010 ~ $1,500.00 Sackville Bedford Early Intervention Program-

                                      (Nova   Scotia)  designed to service kids from birth                                            to school age with a lending library school-                                       readiness programs and home visits


                ~ $5,000.00 SickKids Foundation (Toronto)

                                      Dr. Scherer - Genomic micro array screening Massively-

                                      parallel next generation sequencing (NGS) of ASD                                       susceptibility genes, and optical translation of genomic   

                                      technology and information for ASD

                ~$6,500.00 York University -(Toronto)

                                    Jonathan A Weiss, PhD, CPsych - An Evaluation of Group

                                    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Youth with Autism

                                    Spectrum Disorders and Anxiety- expand and evaluate  

                                    our group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) treatment

                                    for mood and anxiety in youth with ASD


                ~$1,000.00 Studio-Sans Limites Montreal- Autistic adults should                                      have access to it as much as anyone else. Aside from the                                      benefits rendered by the work formation programs to the

                                     autistic adults it will open doors to new research 


            ~$500.00    Lion's Foundation of Canada Dog Guides -

                              Lions Foundation of Canada mission is to assist

                                     Canadians with a medical or physical disability by

                                     providing them Dog Guides at no cost. To do this,

                                     the Foundation operates Dog Guides Canada, a

                                     preeminent national training school and charity that

                                     assists individuals with disabilities through five

                                     specialized Dog Guide programs. These Dog Guides are

                                     provided at no cost to eligible Canadians from coast to

                                     coast. The Foundation relies on donations from

                                     individuals, service clubs, foundations and corporations

                                     and does not receive any government funding.

2009 ~ $7000.00 Montreal Children's Hospital ~ Simons Simplex              

                               Collection Study ~ Thirteen research sites across North

                               America will collect DNA samples from families with one

                                child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


     ~ $4000.00 The Children with Complex Needs Program (CCNP)

                          Residence (Hamilton, ON) ~ will serve youth 12-18

                          years of age with dual diagnosis, to provide a                                            therapeudic milieu for consistent respite and including                                    the stabilization periods milieu for consistent respite

                          and including the use of a Snoezelen Room.

          ~ $4000.00 Music Enhancement Program (MEP) through Blue

                              Balloon ~ services for  children of all abilities.  The MEP

                              program gives clients a chance to experience music

                              therapy in conjunction with current therapy services.


2008 ~ $7000.00 Hospital for Sick Children reasearch study "Roles and                                   Experiences of Mothers and Fathers of Children with                                    Autism" ~ led Dr. David Nicholas

          ~ $5000.00 Hospital for Sick Children ~ Autism Genome Project ~                                     lead by Dr. Stephen Scherer

          ~ $5000.00 McMaster University ~ Dr. Melissa Rutherford, PhD. ~ for

                                continuation of the study Early Detection of Autism

          ~ $3000.00 The Autism Treatment Network at the Hospital for Sick

                               Children ~ led by Dr. Wendy Roberts ~ it will be the first

                                ATN site in Canada.

2007 ~ $15 000.00 continuation of the study: Early Detection of Autism: a

                               Longitudinal Study to Assess the Development of                                          Children in their First Year who may be at risk for Autism

                               ~ McMaster University ~ Dr. Melissa Rutherford, PhD.

          ~ $12 000.00 Autism Genome Project ~ Canadian Autism         

                                Intervention Research Network (CAIRN) ~ Offord 

                                Centre for Child Studies


2006 ~ $10 000.00 Autism Genome Project ~ the Hospital for Sick 


          ~ $5000.00 Early Detection of Autism: a Longitudinal Study to

                                Assess the Development of Children in their First Year

                                who may be at risk for Autism ~ McMaster University ~

                                Dr. Melissa Rutherford, PhD.

2005 ~ $12 000.00 National Service Dogs - sponsorship of training of a

                                  dog for an individual with ASD (individual and province

                                  to be determined by the National Service Dogs


                                  ($4000.00 of this being directed towards University of 

                                  Guelph study ~ Evaluating the Benefits of Service

                                  Dogs for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder ~

                                  research being done by Dr. Cindy L. Adams, MSW,

                                  PhD; Kristen E. Burrows, BSc  Read the Summary

           ~ $8000.00 Dr. Mel Rutherford ~ continuation of the Twin Autism

                                Study based on a mother's detailed diaries


2004 ~ $8000.00 National Research Council of Canada - Institute of

                               Biodiagnostics ~ to support a research project called                                    "Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of High

                                Functioning Children with Autism"

                                Progress (2006) from the researcher Kristina Malisza


2003 ~ $7500.00 Hospital for Sick Children - Autism Fund









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